I (E) met L when L moved into the neighborhood in February 2010.  All it took was one drive-by sighting, causing my mouth to literally drop open cartoon-style (not smooth, but she was such a hottie!).  The first date was 1 week later, and the rest is history.

E and L threw a rowdy DIY beach wedding in June 2011, hosting 80 guests in an 8-person beach house.  The septic tank overflowed, but everyone was having too much fun to notice.  We briefly left NC in our dust for a stint in NYC, where life was like an expensive, dreamy vacation.  Back to NC we came 4 months later.

Babymaking has been in the plans all along.  Little did we know… how… hard… this… would… be.  Well, maybe we did know but thought we’d get lucky.  Now, 2 years, ~20 tries, and ~$20,000 later, we’re still trying.  Welcome to our journey!


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