Who the hell cares if I ovulated?

Though I’m 100% sure that no one is reading this, I’d say it’s time for an update.  We took this month off as I crawl to the finish line of graduate school, and it was a slightly liberating feeling to ovulate over the weekend and not even know/care/track when it happened.  We spent the weekend with my brother, his pregnant wife, and their daughter, and it was basically a blast.  And no, I don’t have only one pregnant sister-in-law… but two!  L’s sister is pregnant as well, at age 45 with a donated embryo.  The pregnant people.  They’re everywhere.

So I’m trucking along doing a lot of homework and busy-ness at work too… in 4 weeks when we try again, the majority of grad school will be DONE.  I have dreams of being a relaxed puddle on the floor, too chilled out to not get pregnant, right?  It’s possible that I’m just obsessed with projects and hope to move on to pregnancy immediately once grad school is done.  I’m not so good at the in-between times, I can admit that.

For now, homework and daydreaming it is.


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